Go to our “WOBS MINTING” page in the menu. Connect your wallet and choose the amount of NFTs you wish to mint. Once Purchased, your new WOBS NFT will show on the Opensea account that is connected to the wallet your purchased with. Each NFT will be available for (6 MATIC)

Some people flip their NFTs for quick profit but, if you hodl your WOBS NFT, you will enjoy some prestigious benefits including: giveaways, airdrops, nft gallery access and a community DAO wallet. Check out our ROADMAP for more.

How many logos have you bought for your company at such a low fee? Do you need a mascot for your team or an avatar for your gaming account?  How about a membership with exclusive access to an NFT gallery for artists and a community DAO wallet fundraiser that will be 100% given back to members? Not to mention the giveaways to be had. Check out our “About WOBS” and “ROADMAP” pages in the menu for more details.

At WOBS, we believe in community and we are here for the long run. Everything we do will be fully visible and we will keep our word to the letter. We have big plans for the second phase of our roadmap and all members will be greatly rewarded. Keep an eye on our news for all roadmap unlocks and enjoy the benefits of membership.

Yes, we are. Please visit our homepage and scroll down for links.

Are you sure? We will be sad to see you go. Well, if you really want to sell your WOBS NFT, login to your opensea account, locate your wolf and list it for sale. 

You will own full rights of your unique WOBS NFT for commercial and personal use. You will also receive prestigious benefits for being a member. Check out our “ABOUT WOBS” and “ROADMAP” pages in the menu for more details.

Disclaimer: We will hold rights to use every WOBS NFT to promote WOBS but nothing more. We wont use your NFT to resell as something else and we wont use your NFT for our own personal use. We will ONLY use WOBS NFTs for posts on our website and social media or for promotional images for WOBS.

Traits are categorised as “Common”, “Rare” and “Super Rare” so some wolves will be rarer than others. All NFTs will be minted at random to ensure fair distribution so mint your wolf and check your NFT traits on Opensea.io in the NFTs description. Please visit our “ABOUT WOBS” page for more details.

Stage 2 of our Roadmap will be released at sell out. Look out for our big announcements.

All WOBS NFTS will be minted here on our site and nowhere else. They will then show up in your Opensea portfolio. All wolves will be in the collection “Wolf Of Block Street – Official”. Ownership is recorded on the blockchain so always check for fakes and report any scam collections to Opensea.