Roadmap Completion
Web Designer 0%

AT 10% or May 2022

Crypto GIVEAWAY to 5 random WOBS members

At 20% or Dec 2022

Work will commence on Members NFT Gallery for artists in the community. We will also airdrop 5 Wolves to random WOBS members

At 30%

Charity Donation to the NHS (National Health Service) to help fight against COVID

At 40% or Jan 2023

Members only merch unlocked and huge GIVEAWAY ( Merch, Crypto and 5 Wolves)

At 50% or May 2023

Youtube channel started for Radio Station with NFT updates and news. 5 Wolves will be given away to listeners so make sure you tune in on our first air.

At 60%

Work will commence on a DAO Community Wallet. Members will vote on NFT projects to buy and flip in order to raise money for members prize pool. ALL FUNDS raised by this project will be given back to WOBS members.


At 75%

Second NHS Donation ( NHS website donation, toys + electronics for children in hospital)

At 100%

5 Secrtet Wolves sent to random WOBS members + Huge GIVEAWAY to the WOBS community

Stage 2 of Roadmap will be released at sell out. We have a lot of big plans so stick with us and you wont regret it.