There are 138 different traits available and a total of 5555 unique combinations. There will also be 5 Secret Wolves that will be given away at sell out. These Secret wolves will be completely different to any other Wolf. Traits are divided into sub catagories of “Common”, “Rare” and “Super Rare”. This means that some trait combos are rarer than others so check out your Wolf’s traits on Opensea to check its rarity


Fair Distribution:

All Wolves will initially be sold at (6 MATIC) to ensure affordability across the world. Some trait combos are rarer than others but all Wolves will be minted at random to ensure everyone has an equal chance of a rare pull.


Rights of Images:

A WOBS NFTs full rights are held by the present owner. That’s right, you’re purchasing compete rights, as well as some dope, unique art. To maintain rights to your NFT, you must own it.  Once the NFT is sold on, all rights will be inherited by the new owner. WOBS will only maintain rights to use all WOBS NFTs as promotion for WOBS and nothing more (even we can’t steal your rights)


Terms and Conditions Apply